Super-Moist Ginger Loaf

Super-Moist Ginger Loaf

The taste of Christmas available all year round.

The mouthwatering flavour begins with our deliciously rich and dark molasses, mixed with butter and brown sugar for a deep caramel flavour. A generous handful of spices and of course our FRESH GINGER (never powdered) and you have the perfect Ginger Loaf that is delightfully super-moist and chewy.

We always use whole, fresh and in-season ingredients. No milk, egg or ginger powders. We do not add any colours, preservatives, fillers or additives. Only 100% natural ingredients.

Enjoy toasted with lashings of butter and let the aroma fill your home.


Photography by Christabel.

  • Storage

    Tightly wrap leftover cake and store in the fridge to maintain the fresh and moist texture.

  • Size

    20cm x 10cm


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Melbourne Australia