Flan Parisien

Flan Parisien

A traditional dessert you see in patisseries all over France.


Rich and delicate with a comforting familiarity.


Made with whole fresh ingredients and no custard powders, this thick creamy custard is generously infused with vanilla. Slice through this velvety flan and the beautiful vanilla specks make their delicious appearance.


Delicately baked to form a firm, smooth, creamy and decadent dessert that can be served either warm or cold.


What does it taste like?... think creme brûlée meets creme caramel meets vanilla slice. This crustless version is a custard-lovers dream!


Our Flan Parisien contain no colours, egg or milk powders, fillers, thickeners, preservatives or additives and are Gluten Free. 


Keep covered and refrigerated while not being enjoyed.


Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia.


Photography by Christabel.

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