Cacao Basque Cheesecake

Cacao Basque Cheesecake

Everything tastes better with the world's Finest Belgian Chocolate.


We've transformed our traditional Basque Cheesecake by combining our home-made cream cheese with Callebaut's perfectly blended and balanced dark chocolate. Full of chocolate flavour for the ultimate chocolate lover.


Elevating the traditionally vanilla-flavoured cheesecake, by infusing it with Callebaut's 70% Dark Chocolate.


Basque or ‘burnt’ Cheesecake originated in Spain and is very creamy, light and delicious with a sharp contrasting outer.


At first glance, there is nothing delicate or refined about the exterior. Baked at a very high temperature, it is served and presented still inside its torched baking paper. Gently peel it away to reveal the rugged and scorched crust. 


Glide your knife through the exterior with the greatest of ease to reveal the softest, creamiest centre of chocolate, sugar, eggs, cream and our home-made cream cheese.


Using fresh full cream milk, we make a fresh batch of cream cheese for each and every one of our Cacao Basque Cheesecakes. That gives our cheesecake its distinct flavour and ultra-smooth, light texture.


Made with corn-flour, our Cacao Basque Cheesecake is also Gluten-Free!


Orders close 2pm.


Size: 20cm (8 inch). 8 generous pieces per cake

  • Please Note:

    All orders are freshly baked to order. Best enjoyed at room temperature. Please keep covered and refrigerated whilst not being enjoyed

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    Free delivery to suburbs within 20km of Moorabbin (3189).


    Order by 2pm today and your fresh baked Cacao Basque Cheesecake will be delivered to your door in 2 days, free of charge. Delivery not available on Sundays.

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