Vanilla/Rum Canele de Bordeaux

Vanilla/Rum Canele de Bordeaux

This French pastry is the perfect partner to your tea or coffee. Infused with vanilla, dark rum and orange liqueur, our mix rests overnight to allow flavours to fully develop.


Baked in authentic copper moulds sourced from the Bordeaux region of France, they are each lined with a mix of organic bees wax and butter, giving that distinct crunchy exterior coupled with a mouthwatering honey-butter flavour.


We have gone to great lengths to perfect our recipe and believe we have produced the best Canele there is.


Our Canele contain no colours, flavours, egg or milk powders, fillers, thickeners, preservatives or additives. They are made with whole, fresh ingredients.


Available through our wholesale cafe partners and direct to you through our Online Store. 


Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia


Photography by Christabel

  • Please Note:

    All orders are freshly baked and are best enjoyed on-the-day they are baked. They are just as delicious for up to 3 days, but do lose their crispy exterior within 12 hours of being baked.

  • Delivery

    Please refer to Delivery Information for full delivery details.


    Free delivery to suburbs within 20km of Moorabbin (3189).


    Order by 2pm today and your fresh baked Canele will be delivered to your door tomorrow. Delivery not available on Sundays. 


    If you wish to have your Canele delivered on a particular date, please add a note at checkout.

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